Radio Station: KITE 
Host played by: Nicole Kliger
Janet Sonnet: That was Kill The Night by Prom Queen, and you’re listening to KITE 104.1 FM, Reno’s Independent Radio. I’m your host Janet Sonnet and we have some special guests here with us in studio; Barbara and Matt from North To Port. Thanks for hanging out!
B: Thanks Janet!
M: Thanks Janet!
JS: I hear you’re playing the Pioneer Social Club in downtown Reno tonight. Are you enjoying your stay in the Big Little so far?
M: It’s been great and we’re really looking forward to the show tonight.
B: Definitely, though I think Matt’s been having an even better time than most of the other members of the band.
M: Ha! Maybe too much of a good time.
JS: Oh? Did you get yourself in a bit of trouble there sparky?
M: Yeah, a little, but it was all just a misunderstanding. No harm done.
JS: Do Tell!
M: Well it’s a little embarrassing…
JS: Oh, that sounds fun!
M: I’ll uh try to be discrete.
B: Perhaps use more discretion than you showed last night?
M: Ha!
JS: I’ve heard you’re not the most discreet, my friend
M: That might be true…
B: Come on; that’s true.
M: Thanks Barbee. Alright, well I’ll do my best. So, as you might know, we’ve been on the road awhile trying to build things up.
JS: Yes. How long has it been?
M: Time has no meaning on the road, really, but it feels like years.
B: Decades…
M: So, I would say as a band we’re pretty tame…
B: We are.
M: Especially compared to other bands we meet out here. I mean, I barely drink. Barbara not at all. 
B: Normally we get some food after the show and just kind of hunker down.
JS: I see..
M: Yeah, we put most of our energy into the performance and everything that goes into it, not partying. In fact, I think because of that we have a bit of an anti-social rep.
JS: I haven’t heard anything. Are you standoffish with your peers?
B: It’s not that we’re mean, we just rehearse, play the show with gusto, connect with fans, and rest up to do it again.
M: Yeah, I mean Barbara’s been through all this before with Pao – so the party is something that doesn’t really hold its luster anymore, right?
B: Right.
M: So basically what I’m saying is we’re party poopers and anti social road warriors. Bobs Your Uncle.
JS: Don’t you be bringing uncle Bob into this!
M: Of course not! Uncle Bob is the best, and he at least probably remains on good behavior even through the most tempting of situations. 
B: Bob does, but not you all the time.
M: No. 
JS: What do you mean?
M: Sometimes I get a bit lonely on the road. I meet a lot of people but they come and go, and it all feels a bit anonymous. Barbee and I are friends of course, but you know that only goes so far.
JS: No further huh?
B: Hey! I’m a damn good friend.
M: You sure are, but with you there’s some boxes I can’t check.
JS: Let me guess, you went looking to check some boxes last night.
B: Whoa!
M: Hey now! I’m pretty innocent comparatively. You hear stories of other band’s when they’re on the road… I do  not compare. 
JS: Good to know…
M: But I just went to have one drink at one of the casinos. 
JS: Which one did you go to?
M: I don’t want to say on air in case they would prefer I didn’t, but It had this cool glass bar.  
JS: I know the place.
M: And I was thinking about maybe playing some cards. I’m not a big gambler either, but Poker’s cool from time to time.
B: Except when you’re playing with me, you tend to get cleaned out.
M: Don’t I ever!
JS: So then what happened?
M: Well I was just sitting there for a few minutes and I got recognized. I mean, I’m not Beeber but I’ve been around a bit so people do recognize me. 
JS: I’m sure.
M: So, I met an attractive young lady who said her name was Amy.
JS: I know where this is going.
B: Oh, no you don’t!
JS: Oh Really?
M: Yeah, so we struck up a conversation. She wasn’t freaked out or anything which was a good sign, or even worse, falling all over me like a swooning orangutan.
JS: Is that a thing?
B: Definitely! Some drunk ape trying to be all flirty and handsy! 
M: Like you’re some sort of bucket list item – 
B: As  if Twenty-Somethings can have such a thing.
M: We call them the swooning orangutan. Maybe shaking their butt a little as they cozy on up. 
JS: That’s a pretty picture.
M: Amy wasn’t that at all. Her smile was warm. She made it clear she knew who I was, said she liked our music and she even said that Barbara is pretty.
B: Aww, I like her already.
M: She assumed we were a couple, of course we get that a lot, but I set her straight and then noticing she was alright lookin’ herself…
B: She definitely was…
M: … I turned on the charm a little bit. And we ended up chatting for a couple hours. 
JS: That sounds pretty harmless.
M: It was, but it started getting pretty late, and at some point, like what always happens, happened someone needed to make a call.
JS: A call? What do you mean by that?
M: Well, the circumstances of a time and a place sort of dictate interpersonal interaction. You know?
JS: I don’t think I follow…
M: Well, interactions aren’t isolated, in a vacuum, if you will. Outside influences affect the interaction. And in this case, like so many others, time became the motivating factor. 
JS: I see…
M: As it was getting later, the need to decide whether to dive in or jump ship became more pronounced. And the question was what to do about it?
JS: Sounds like your making this more complex than it needs to be.
M: Probably.
B: You are speaking to the king of making things more complex than they need to be.
M: In my defense I’m a gentleman. And I don’t like to assume.
B: You are a gentleman.
M: …but as it became later, the tension, as it does, increased to the point where we both were a bit nervous. And we both could tell. And the question was, which one of us was going to put ourselves out there.
B: I bet it was you – you’re not the best at dealing with intimate slash tense situations like that. 
M: I’m not!
B: You like resolution.
M: Yeah normally, but no it was her!
B: Oh wow!
JS: What did she say?
M: Well, she sort of chuckled and said, you know this is silly. Obviously we get along and neither one of us are here with anyone, I have a room upstairs, care to join me there?
JS: It was on.
M: It was on.
JS: Sounds like a good time.
M: Well it started that way, but things got a little hairy.
B: Yeah and I needed to clean up the mess.
M: And I’m forever grateful.
B: You better be.
JS: Alright, what happened?
M: So everything was going great and we were really connecting, you know we had chemistry.
B: We get it, move on to the relevant part. (a little mock exasperated)
M: Right, well right in the middle of things, all of a sudden I hear a loud banging on the door. Like intense banging, and we both look up just in time to see the door get kicked in and there’s two big dudes entering the room with guns drawn.
JS: What there hell? Who were they?
M: I asked them because they didn’t identify themselves right away, or at least I didn’t hear them. But basically I yelled at them and they answered that they were Reno PD. 
JS: Whoa! Just like that?
M: Yeah. They told me to put my hands up and I obliged.
JS: Man, that’s intense!
B: Yeah!
M: Right. So, I asked them what this was all about. To my knowledge I hadn’t done anything wrong. They told my get dressed and that I was being arrested for soliciting a prostitute. 
JS: What?!
B: Prostitution. Matt was trying to break new ground on this tour. (a bit sarcastically)
JS: I’m sure plenty of bands have had that problem though.
B: Yeah, but not us.
M: It was not on purpose. And, not putting one and one together I stupidly asked who the prostitute was, thinking I hadn’t called anyone.
B: The blood hadn’t returned to your brain yet.
M: Right…
JS: They meant Amy.
M: They were seeking Amy. And then, of course I knew no money had been exchanged, and Amy and I never verbally came to any arrangements but, I thought my best defense was a technicality. So, kind of in a wiseass way I said, well isn’t prostitution legal in Nevada?
B: I thought it was.
M: Me too obviously.
JS: It is, but only in select counties with small populations. Not in cities like Las Vegas and Reno.
M: Well that information would have been useful yesterday, Jan where the hell were you?
JS: Next time we’ll schedule interviews before you have a chance to get into any trouble, how’s that sound?
B: Please!
M: That would be perfect, but anyway the cops didn’t appreciate my attitude so they cuffed me and Amy, brought us to the station and booked us. Me for solicitation and Amy for prostitution.
JS: So they did book you…you mean mug shots, finger prints, the whole 9 yards?
B: Ewe….
M: Well the whole way there we were talking to the cops saying there was a mistake. No money exchanged hands. I mean, I don’t carry cash on me ever anyway, and when the cops went through Amy’s things, she had like $14 on her.
JS: So it was a mistake, were they looking for someone who looked like Amy or something?
B: No, they were looking for Amy. (deadpan)
JS: What?!
M: Yeah, she’s a prostitute. 
JS: She is a prostitute?
M: Well, what happened is Amy apparently works at one of the legal brothels in a nearby county, and one of her regular clients is a bit of a shady dealer. 
JS: Plenty of them around here. Go ahead.
M: The cops wanted to put pressure on Amy hoping that she would be able to inform on this guy. And when they saw us together, they assumed no prostitute would want to get it on on their off day…
B: That’s logical.
M: I suppose…so they thought there was a pretty good chance I was a client. They took a shot and were dead wrong. Turns out, I am cool enough for a prostitute to hang out with on her off day.
JS: Clearly, but did the cops apologize or anything, sounds like THEY were acting a bit shady.
B: Yeah they were! Apparently probable cause is no longer a thing.
JS: So then how did you get out of it?
M: Oh I called  Barbara right way, and told her what happened. Poor soul, woke her up from slumber. 
B: I was sound asleep.
M: But luckily she did wake up. 
JS: What did you do, Barbara?
B: Super Barbee comes to the rescue. I called our lawyer since Matt didn’t have the number on him.
M: So then our lawyer called in and spoke to the lieutenant on duty, and let’s just say it didn’t look like he was enjoying himself. 
JS: I bet…
M: It could have been way worse, I mean after the initial interaction I was polite and just calmly explained things. 
B: And it’s not like they had evidence of any wrongdoings.
M: No, and after our lawyer got involved, I was out the door with an apology. Then we grabbed a car back to the hotel.
JS: How long were you there for?
M: I’d say about an hour and a half, maybe? (looking for confirmation from Barbara)
B: That sounds right.
M: They kind of had me in no man’s land because I think they realized pretty quickly they had no evidence besides catching Amy and I together. 
B: They had to let them go pretty quickly.
M: But it was about 3 AM when I got back to the hotel. Went to bed. Called it a day.
JS: An eventful one. Well I hope this little incident doesn’t taint your view of Reno, we’re actually a fun place to visit.
B: No, he’s fine, but he doesn’t have the best of luck with the police. 
M: Not at all.
JS: So you’re playing tonight at Pioneer Social Club – what time do the festivities start?
B: We have an awesome opener called The Screen going on at 8. We’ll follow them around 9:15 or so. But definitely come early to see The Screen, they’re great.
JS: Looking forward to it. Make sure you guys stop by again the next time you’re in town. And Matt, try to stay out of trouble.
M: Will do!
JS: Alright and here’s Alarms Go Off by North To Port.




Peace Love Music

~Matt and Barbee

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