North To Port

is a band and a podcast. Go on tour with them! Each episode chronicles their adventures in the form of a radio interview taped at a tour stop location, and features a song that epitomizes the episode.

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About North To Port


North To Port is a serial podcast about duo Barbara Gomes and Matthew Carano; a band on tour. The podcast chronicles their adventures on tour in the form of radio station interviews at tour stop locations. Each episode ends with a song written specifically to epitomize the episode.

From the reverse perspective, North To Port is a concept album. Each song is a vignette that gets expanded and explored through a corresponding podcast episode. The episode becomes an interpretation of the intention behind the song.

The North To Port podcast is a concept album, written by artists telling their story through music and media.

Photo of Matt and Barbara laughing


Photo of Matt and Barbara sitting down

We want to share our art with as many people as possible, which is why we’re offering it for free. Please help us spread there word!

The 4 very best things you can do to support the show are: 1. Tell a friend (or 1000 friends, we won’t mind) 🙂

2. Leave an iTunes review. Reviews help guide new listeners to our show.

3. Join our Newsletter list and follow us on social media. We’ll know you’re interested in the project if you sign up to hear from us. This will really help us gauge interest in the project.

4. Purchase our album from Bandcamp. We’ll use the revenue towards production costs.

Because North To Port is produced as both an album and a podcast, it takes an insane amount of hours and effort to make. We’d really love to produce a Season 2, but we need your help to make it happen.

And it’s not even monetary help we need the most. (Though we would not refuse album sales!)

What we’re looking for is confirmation that North To Port is of value to you, and other content consumers.

If enough people listen, we’ll know that we have succeeded. To that end, we have a total listens goal for Season 1, and if achieved will will absolutely produce Season 2.

That goal is 100,000 listens. Here’s hoping we get there!

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